What We Do

Sustainable Philanthropy

PHILANTHRO San Diego aims to empower young professionals to incorporate philanthropy into their daily lives.

Annual Agenda

Philanthropy- As A Platform


In the first quarter, we focus on connecting with other non-profits to enhance or expand their efforts with our own. We decide which charities we will partner with for the year or beyond. Additionally, we look to connect with individuals who would like us to help them host an event for a cause, such as a Passion Project (see below).

Examples of events for 2013:

  1. PHILANTHRO All City Retreat – January 2013
    All 5 Philanthro cities meet to evaluate 2012 progress, share ideas, best practices and establish their 2013 agendas
  2. PHILANTHRO’s 6th Birthday Party
    This event, held at U-31 in North Park allowed us to connect to individuals who would like us to help them host an event for a cause, share our mission as a resource for Philanthropy and attract new interested members.
  3. PHILANTHRO LA & SD Mixer – March 30, 2013
    Team building social event to connect our chapters


In the second quarter, we create a community that pledges to give up something in their lives to give back to causes they care about. Individuals choose to give up coffee, fast food, drinking, watching reality TV – and donate the time or money they would’ve spent towards these to charities of their choice.

Awards for the most creative sacrifice and biggest impact to their cause will be awarded at our All-City Event July 25, 2013 which will benefit a charity that supports veterans.
The All-City Event is one night when all PHILANTHRO cities will host an event that benefits veterans.


In the third quarter, we focus our team efforts on helping an individual’s passion for a cause or event come to life. This year, one of our members is taking on the challenge to throw a volleyball tournament to raise money for local non-profit organizations.


In the fourth quarter, the month of November is dedicated providing opportunities for young professionals to donate their time. During the time of year where we typically are most grateful for what we have, we provide volunteering opportunities where we can meet other like-minded individuals.